Wednesday, October 29, 2014

$15 Homemade Curved Pistol Plate - that actually works!

This is a composite armor insert I built at home with hardware store materials.  It successfully stopped 10 shots of 9x19mm FMJ fired from about 15 feet away. It cost $15 in materials to build.

For video of the test see:

The materials used to make this are porcelain tiles, and layers of fiberglass fabrics, all laminated together with polyester resin. It was clamped in a wooden mold during curing to give it the desired curved shape.  The armor is curved to make it comfortable to wear against the chest or back. It is designed to fit into a fabric armor or plate carrier which are commercially available and inexpensive.

The armor traps and absorbs the bullets to prevent any fragmentation from injuring the wearer. There is some mild back face deformation on the armor where the 9mm bullets have struck. The bulges are less than 1/2" tall.

After the armor passed the test successfully, I shot it with an AK47 (7.62x39mm) to see what would happen. The bullets zipped through as expected, and the resulting blowout can be seen above on the back of the armor.

The armor materials are layered in this order, from the front (strike face) to the back (wear face):

1 layer 18oz/yard Woven Roving Fiberglass cloth - fragmentation/retention liner
1 layer of 2x2 porcelain tiles - bullet fracture layer
10 layers 18oz /yard Woven Roving Fiberglass cloth - spall liner

The layers are saturated with polyester resin and clamped in a mold to cure. The resulting armor is spray painted black and is ready for use.


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Jacob Brown said...

Are you planning on making any that would have the capabilities to stop a 7.62*39?

Proveho said...

1. What were the cost for materials?
2. What was the total weight of the armor?

Aleksandar Ćurguz said...

Can you please make a tutorial how to make a 21x26cm curved ceramic armor? Please, its urgent

Anonymous said...

Three 1/16 steel sheet, the same size, weight of 5.0lbs, stop a bullet 9x19mm FMJ.

Gunner Jacky said...

Simply a lover of guns and firearms, loved your blog for sharing something in such a detail. Shotguns has always been one of my favorites. This can always make things really safer for you and all.

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