Saturday, December 29, 2012

Emergency Bacon Candles

We always save bacon grease in old pickle and jam jars in the fridge. Its a great flavoring for cooked vegetables. We had more than we needed so we decided to try making bacon fat candles. They are extremely easy to make and only took us about 5 minutes, and are bacon scented already!

I made this wire tool for inserting wicks into the soft bacon grease. It is bent and has a small notch filed into the end. It took me about 1 minute to make with a pair of need-nose pliers and a file. Unlike wax, bacon grease is fairly soft even when refrigerated. A piece of steel coathanger or stiff copper wire would work fine too.

The wick is simply cotton kitchen twine. I dipped the wick into liquid bacon grease hot from the pan and let it cool. This is the jar we are storing the new grease in, it remains liquid until it cools. Later I skipped this dipping step when making another candle and it worked just as well.

I cut it twice as long as the height of the candle. Then I push it down into the fat using the wire tool. So you end up with two strands sticking up to make the wick. Then I cut them to length with scissors.

Voila! Couldn't be easier - they've been burning for hours without going out, and the house smells like wonderful bacon all day! My wife made a larger wick as an experiment by braiding 3 strands of the kitchen twine together - it works even better and allows for a brighter candle.

This must be the quickest way to make a candle there is! This works because bacon fat, being saturated, is solid at room temperature. Unsaturated fats like vegetable oil will be liquid at room temperature so wouldn't be able to support the wick. Is there anything bacon can't do??

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hanini#7 said...

yuk! Bacon smell all day makes me throw up!