Saturday, January 21, 2012

DIY End Grain Cutting Board

When our counter-top wears out I want to make a full butcher block and wanted to experiment with a cutting board first. So to practice I made a birthday gift for my wife who says she can never have enough cutting boards.

It is rouhgly 10x12 and is 1.5 inches thick. It is much thicker than any of our other cutting boards. It is an end grain design made from oak. The advantage of end grain is that it prevents the knife from dulling as quickly, and makes the board last longer. I started by gluing scrap strips of oak together, letting them dry, and then ripping them on my table saw to the same height. Then I glued them together again. It is finished in two coats of wipe-on food-grade polyurethane. Which is no different than regular polyurethane, but costs more :)

It has circular pieces of inner-tube glued to the bottom to prevent sliding.  One thing I did learn from this is you basically need a belt sander to level things; and orbital type ain't gonna cut it, that taks way too long, even of something this small.  Here I am cutting some carrots into sticks.

It is now my wife's favorite cutting board by far.

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