Sunday, June 06, 2010

Leaking Workshop Wall, Part 2

After the hydraulic cement I put in in part 1 cured completely, I dried it with my box fan, and purchased some latex waterproof cement paint.

First I wire-brushed the entire area and swept up the chunks. I did this 3 times. Next I put down a dropcloth and put some of the paint into plastic cup with a lid. I did this so I didn't have to keep re-opening the paint can for each coat.

The first coat went on well, and I back-brushed it to get rid of any pinholes or gaps. The paint is very thick and goopy. It took 3 hours to dry, then I added two more coats on 3-hour intervals.

Once the third coat was completely dry I cut a new bottom plate out of pressure-treated wood, and set it with powder-driven anchors that I had used on a previous project. I made two new studs with pressure treated wood as well, and secured them with 2" coated deck screws.

I nailed the plywood back on, and now I just need to wait for a good hard rain to see if I was successful.

Update: It poured down violently tonight, and this spot remained dry as a bone! Unfortunately, a spot on the other side of the wall did not. The saga continues next time, when I fix leak #2!!...

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