Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Point-Of-Use Water Heater

Our kitchen sink has always taken a while to get hot water, and with the recent relocation of the primary water heater (adding 60 feet of pipe), and lowering the water pressure with a PRV, the wait is unbearable: about a minute and a half! The onset of winter is aggravating the problem. Since the kitchen sink is probably the most oft-used faucet in our house, I figured a point-of-use heater might be a good idea. It will save water and electricity.

I ended up installing a Ariston GL6 Mini-Tank water heater in the crawl space just below the sink. It would not fit directly under the sink, but the disposal outlet wasn't going to power both at the same time without the breaker tripping anyways.

So I ran an extra 20-amp circuit to the location. It could be 15-amp just the same, but that was the spare breaker installed, so I just kept it 20-amp (I also have a lot of spare 12/2 romex lying around).

I put some concrete blocks down after leveling the dirt. I added some piping for the T&P valve on top, and tapped into the hot water line by soldering some fittings in and using corrugated copper water-heater connectors. Last I added insulation to the connections for efficiency.

Instead of 1 min and 25 seconds, it now takes only 3 seconds for the water to get hot. Success! This unit also serves the dishwasher so it will probably clean better now. Long before the tank runs out, hot water from the main tank will have already reached this little guy.

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