Sunday, March 07, 2010

Improving Attic Insulation

Our home is a ranch style on a crawl with an unheated attic. We are darn close to zone 4, which puts our recommended attic insulation at minimum R38, and crawl at minimum R25. The attic is the most important insulation location in any house - it resists loss of heat during the winter by rising air near the ceiling, and prevents hot attic heat from moving down into the home during the summer. It is also accessible, which makes it the most cost-effective place to add insulation.

The majority of our attic has some old blown-in insulation that is pretty dirty at this point, which reduces the effectiveness. We have roof trusses instead of rafters, and the blown-in insulation barely makes it to the top of 2x4's on the bottom of each truss in some places. So we are looking at R11-R15 on a good day.

R30 unfaced rolls were on sale at HD for 30% off. Additionally, there is a 30% tax credit on home insulation products, so I couldn't pass it up. I decided to install fiberglass batts on top of the original blown-in insulation.

Adding the R30 unfaced (no kraft paper) to the attic.

One section completed and now at R40 or higher.

Have approx 24 rolls left to cover the entire attic. I'm glad I installed the attic catwalk system, it makes it MUCH easier.

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