Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bathroom Vent Fan Install

The first project was the bathroom fan, because it is noisy, small, and is venting directly into the attic (oops). This is one of those chintzy builder-grade fans that serves solely to satisfy code. I like to call these fart fans because they are for some reason always installed over the commode. This would seem to violate this essence of code which clearly states they are required to prevent excessive moisture buildup in bathrooms, which I would think typically comes from showers, not from last night's spicy enchiladas.

Once in the attic I realized why it wasn't properly vented. Our house is ranch, and the wall it is closest to it is an exterior wall which the roof tapers on. There is no way to get to the damn thing , save chopping a hole in the roof. A midget (ah-hem, little person) could probably do it, but a 6-foot, 210-lb fatass like me can't.

So I decided to find the power feed and sever it at the fan, so I could safely drywall over the old fan cutout and stay code.

The new fan I got from lowes is awsome. It claims 140 CFM, has a 6-inch outlet port, and it virtually silent. It came with a optional reducer to 4-inch pipe, which I promptly tossed in the garbage. The instructions mentioned the reducer as well, and they joined the trash as well. I got an 8-foot length of 6" aluminum ducting and a louvered 6-inch exterior vent.

I had built a ladder for the express purpose of installing the vent on the roof. Scroll to the bottom, you can see the vent in hand.

Installation went well despite roasting myself in the 120-degree attic installing the blower and ducting.

The old fan gets covered by the piece of drywall I cut out for the new fan.

First spackling job turned out like crap:

To spackle correctly you really need decent tools. All I had was an old rusty 4" mud scraper. Went to lowes and got me a tapered 12" mud blade and a mud pan that fits it.

Sanded the big imperfections off and then the second try was spacktacular(har har), at least by comparison.

My wife sanded the final coat and painted it as a surprise one day while I was at work. She did a great job!

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