Monday, July 06, 2009

Installing a Garage Door Opener

Our old opener was giving us fits. Its a torsion bar unit so can only pull open the door, not push it closed. Its also only opens if you practically smash your car into it since the remote only works from like 5 feet away. I could probably get it warranty replaced but then I am still stuck with the torsion bar problem. I like positive door control on the way up as well as the way down.

So went and got a fancy chamberlain belt-drive. This thing is cool, it even has a battery backup so you can run it when the power is out. Awsome!

First things first. Need to assemble it. Little bar thing snaps together. And belt goes on. Attach to motor unit, done.

Then need to install the header mount and hoist it up. They gave me wussy mounts, not sure what I was going to do with those, cept maybe wipe my ass with them. I got some beefy 16 gauge angle brackets from Lowes. Lagged bolted it to the overhead studs. In the pic you can see the little mounts they gave me bent out of the way. Pathetic!

Then came time to install the door mount. The two little self-tapping bolt/screws they gave me were a joke.

I grabbed some more L-bracket to reinforce the door and put four 5/16" steel carriage bolts through it. They don't have to be that tight, as the pulling force is "in shear". If they are too tight they will crush the door panel anyways, its sheet metal on both sides filled with styrofoam insulation. Regardless, the door mount is rock solid now.

Installed the safety eyes and door control. Used my staple gun to secure the wires. I severed one wire, somewhere, with a staple. Doh. Had to replace the entire control wire. I reused some of the sensor wire off of the old garage opener, so it was all good. Reuse, foo!

Works great! Door opener was easy to setup, opens fast, is completely quiet, and has very positive control.

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