Saturday, May 02, 2009

Finishing the Bench

I went ahead and gave the bench frame, the top, and bottom an individual coat of spar urethane to increase weatherability.

It took 4 hours to dry, then I attached the benchtop and lower shelf using 1 5/8" drywall screws. I pre-drilled pilot holes like always to prevent splitting. I then used a countersink to leave the screwheads flush.

Next was to mount my vise. For this I used two bolts, nuts and washers for the rear mounting, and I predrilled the front for the lag bolts. Everything was tightened down with a crescent wrench.

The vise secured through the stud on the front and in the rear through the panel. Its very sturdy.

Completed workbench with vise. I will probably give the top and shelf another coat of spar urethane if I feel like it.

Now to build some other projects!

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