Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shaping the Handle

After I let the epoxy dry for a day or so I set to shaping the handle with my new hand-held drum sander.

First I squared it off with sander. I'm glad I decided to use the brass retaining pin. It it much easier to sand away than steel would have been.

I found that using a chisel to carve the wood worked faster, then I used the sander to smooth the lines.

I drew lines on the block to chisel the wood accurately. This wood is red oak, definitely not a forgiving wood for carving. I had to get it really sharp to work at all. I used newspaper and duct tape to both protect the blade from the vise and me from the blade.

The handle is still too thick for a comfortable grip. I removed 1/8" more width after this shot. I sued the 60 grit to get it shape and then smoothed it with the 100 grit.

Shaping done and ready for finish. I am still debating stain or not. It will get a poly finish for maximum durability, either way.

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