Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Furnace Door Attached

Using the frame as a template I built up a box of sorts to contain the firebricks. Some firebrick wedges and extra ceramic insulation keeps everything from jostling around in there, which is good because firebrick is fragile as all hell and likes to fracture. Also the firebricks will fall out the front if not positioned correctly.

I put a hinge on the outer sheetmetal on the door and used metal screws so I could get in to service/replace the firebrick should the need arise. Knowing my luck it will :) I also drilled holes in the oven frame and attached the door hinges using metal screws.

The next step was to cut some of the ceramic blanket to act as a gasket. I cut a piece the correct size, but had to peel it off in sheets thin enough to where I could close the door. It takes light pressure to fully close the door as the gasket compresses slightly, which should help with the seal. It is held in place with nails pushed at an angle into the firebrick.

Check out the impression, thats the seal! I left the middle open for the temperature sensor but decided it shouldn't go there anyways.

I am using a peice of mild steel as a latch for the door, which also activates the interlock switch when closed, allowing the heater elements to energize.

The latch is not heavy enough to push the switch by itself when the door is open.

Last thing I did was mount the controller above the furnace, well away from the door. I've had my face singed by hot air from a household oven, this thing can operate at four times the temperature!

The final two pieces of the puzzle are the element connectors and the kiln thermocouple.

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