Sunday, August 17, 2008

Frankenswitch Part3, Its aliiiiiive!!

I was mulling over an insulating material to form the base of the knife switch. Wood technically works for the application, but I wanted something a little better on the insulation side, and wood can rot. This may sound hypocritical because my welder case is wood, but i never depend on wood as anything but a structural component. Poking around the house I came up with an old cutting board (a good 3/8" thick!) that my wife hates (woohoo!). I cut it to size and have plenty left over for the second switch.

The handle is scrap plastic and held to the blades with some metal screws. I greased the pivot points with some high temp grease, and there are lock washers to set the tension as it wears. Given this isn't going to be a high use switch, I imagine it will last forever.

The handle design prevents this from being used for live applications - your index and ring finger come into contact with both poles when it is operated. This is to be placed under a rotating panel in my welder to facilitate polarity and ac/dc switching applications when the welder is switched off. Sticking your hand into an operating welder chassis is a good way to get dead anyways so that covers that.

The second switch should take a lot less time since I was designing as I went on the first one.

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Tracy said...

That's pretty freakin' sweet. Let me know if you are going to try to reanimate anything:)