Friday, August 15, 2008

Frankenswitch, Part 2

So I bought some more copper pipe at Home Depot to make the center poles for the uberswitch.

Cutting the pipe is easily accomplished with a pipe cutter. This one came with my MAPP torch. MAPP torches are similar to propane blowtorches but they use methylacetylene-propadiene to provide a hotter flame. I need a hotter flame because I do brazing occasionally, which occurs at much higher temperatures than soldering and propane doesn't have enough moxy.

The cutter is placed on the pipe and spun around it. The blade is tightened every few revolutions, and thats all it wrote. Helps avoid crushing the pipe or coming up with an uneven cut.

Now that I have the pieces and I start flattening them on the anvil. I found that rotating to balance out the blows helped avoid scars from the hammer edge.

Going slow gives me better feel. I keep flipping the piece to even out the stress.

All flat. Its easy to thin the copper in one spot if you are really laying into it.

Getting too late to cause more racket so I drilled the other contacts for bolts with my drill press, it has big old humming induction motor that is smooth and quiet.

Tomorrow I will fold the center poles and solder them up. Looking at what I've made so far gives me the impression that it will be able to sustain much more than 200 amps. We'll see.

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