Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brake repair on the TL

I have a 99 TL and the rear driver brake indicator (or "screamer") has been going nuts for the last few days. After I pulled off the tires I found the rotor was warped and the pads were down to nubbins. After pulling the caliper I figured out why - the caliper was frozen and the brakes had been dragging on that wheel. It must have overheated and warped the rotor.

So picked up a new caliper, thought about rebuilding my current but who wants to deal with that?

Going to install the new one tonight. The core charge on the caliper is $70 (yikes) so will be bringing that back to carquest, most definitely :)

After installation and some headache found that a few companies are marketing the incorrect rear brake pads for my car. There are some little tabs that poke up and DEFORM the piston on my brand new caliper (grrrrrr). So I made a shim out of some scrap aluminum. Fixed the brake squeaking and uneven wear.

Sometimes making something is faster than buying it. Especially when its midnight.

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