Friday, February 22, 2008

Building Custom Speakers

Anyone looking at a decent pair has probably realized that great-sounding speakers typically don't come with such a great-sounding price tag. DIY can cut cost by avoiding the manufacture AND retail markup, which can be 300% or more of the actual cost. This pair is an MTM design for a Home Theater front channel.

So crack open a cold one, and lets build this puppy.

The miracle of table saws turns this 3/4-inch MDF:

Into this:

After glue, screws, and some cursing:

Marked the cutouts and drilled pilot holes for the jigsaw:

Avast, ye landlubbers, thar be holes. Now to attach rear baffle and cut more, ye scurvy dogs.

Side project: had to fabricate a brass bearing on the lathe to make my 3/8" rabbiting bit work for 1/2" as well:

The router creates dust and as a side-effect some rabbit joints for flush mounting:

The ports tubes are 2" PVC pipetuning the box to an F3 of 40Hz, and angled to provide for centering of the holes:

Now to repeatedly spackle and sand imperfections and screw holes, watch out for my spackle-fu:

Soon to come:

1.) cherry veneer it up somthin' good.
2.) Finishing said cherry veneer
3.) Put all the gubbins in.
4.) Enjoy that sweet, sweet sound/piss off nosey neighbors

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