Monday, November 19, 2007

Mig welder : part 3

The more I think about it, the more I get the idea that it may be better to build a seperate, portable MIG welder that can run on 120V/20amps and save the space I left in the Arc welder for a future TIG attachment. Fortunately, this change of plans will not result in wasted time/effort.


1.) The constant current of the arc welder is exactly what you need for TIG anyways.
2.) I could add a variable current footpedal easily to the arc welder for TIG.
3.) TIG uses different gas (argon) on things that TIG is good for (aluminum), so would need another bottle for gas anyways.
4.) Having a portable MIG would be sweet.
5.) I didn't build a spot for the gas canister on the arc welder. Yet.
6.) The arc welder is effin heavy.
7.) Being able to run a MIG on 120V would be really, really nice.
8.) There's easily enough room in the arc welder for an arcstarter, also essential for TIG.
9.) I can wind the trannies for the MIG at the exact voltages I need.
10.) Its soooo easy to convert ATX power supplies to work for what I need on the MIG, but retrofitting the arc welder would be a pain in the ass.
11.) The MIG would be much smaller/lighter, and I can make completely from metal easily.

The only real disadvantage is that I need to scrounge at least 3 more MOTs. I got one today, so..

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