Friday, October 12, 2007

Dead Car Battery

I went out to my car this weekend after work to drive and get a bite to eat, and found engine chattering when I tried to start. I ran a check on the battery with a voltmeter and during cranking it was dropping from a decent 12.5V down to a whopping 4V. Bad battery? Oh yes.

So, it needed jumping.

How to jumpstart a car:

1.) Park good car near enough to bad car so that jumper cables can reach between the batteries, and open the hoods of both.
2.) Hook both read jumper clips to each red (positive) battery post on both cars.
3.) Attach black jumper to good battery negative post.
4.) Attach other black jumper to bad car metal chassis (engine block, unpainted bolt, etc) AWAY from bad battery (this is to avoid sparks which may ignite the hydrogen produced when charging a battery).
5.) Start good car. Rev it around 3-4k RPM for about 30 seconds.
6.) Start bad car.
7.) Remove black jumper clip on bad car, then on good car.
8.) Remove both postive jumper clips.
9.) Let bad car run for 30 minutes.
10.) If you have a Voltmeter measure the voltage at the battery posts while the car is running and the rear defroster, high beams, and heater fan are running. Less than 13.5 volts, your alternator is history.

In my case the car would not start on its own even after charging. Battery is a goner- need a new one!

If you change it yourself be sure to bring the old back to the place where you buy the new to recover you $10 core charge.

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