Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Replacing a Car Radio

When my trunk CD changer croaked last month, it was the last straw.

Let me explain why-

1.) My head unit is the one that came with the car - a combo tape / CD deck. A well known and rather effin annoying manufacturing caveat of this particular model is the inability to play CD-Rs. Grrrrrrrr.

2.) Another well-documented and much lamented "feature" is the complete and total lack of an AUX input on this reciever. Oh wait, no thats not technically true. I can spend $100 on a blueIceWhatthefuckeverjazzyjeff adapter just to get AUX INPUT. Really? is that all?

So...when the only means of listening to my own music went into the trash with my CD changer, decided to cough up the green for a new car stereo reciever. I ordered a new one from crutchfield, and spliced the adapter for my car to the new one for the head unit.

Tomorrow I will be ripping out the old and slapping in the new. This one has USB drive capability, mp3, the whole nine. Even has an ipod cable if I were into that sort of thing.

Above is the result of one hour of listening to airbase and soldering.

The little yellow widget is a resistive mixer I soldered together for the stereo "pre/subout" RCA jacks on the new receiver. Just three 10k resistors in a Y configuration. This will give me a mono signal for the subamp in my trunk, and prevent shorting of the two L+R pre-outputs. I will be coating the whole shebang in epoxy later.

The extra-long green wire on the splice-job is the amp turn-on wire, terminating to a spade plug. This way if I ever decide to add an amp I technically don't need to rip out the dash again, since I will have the pre-outs and the amp turn-on wire available under the glove-box.

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