Thursday, August 09, 2007

DIY Arc Welder - Adding DC part 1

I wound the choke for the arc welder. 6 AWG wire on a microwave oven transformer core. I got about 15 turns on there. Hopefully it will be enough. If I have to add another I am going to run into space problems in my welder.

Just need to install it and the rectifier bridge now. If all goes well I will be arc welding with DC current shortly.

Advantages: smoother arc, smoother welds, easier to strike, better penetration, easier to learn with.

Disadvantages: "Arc blow" if welding magnetic or magnetized materials. Remember that a welding arc is a plasma, so it is susceptible to magnetic fields. It will "bend" in line with the magnetic flux, and possibly quench. AC arcs don't have this problem as they switch polarity 60 times per second, so they just vibrate a little.

If a powerful enough field were present the AC welding would fail too. This phenomenon was employed by Nikola Tesla to produce magnetically quenched spark gaps.


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