Wednesday, August 29, 2007

DIY Arc Welder finished

I painted the metal side panels on the welder green with industrial rustoleum paint. Turned out okay, and at least now they won't rust.

Observe my awsome inability to focus the camera!

I grabbed some cheap organization brackets from HD and riveted them on. Lets me wrap the welding cables and the power cord for easy transport. Welder is mounted on casters, it weighs 160 lbs.

Welder porn. Here you can see the diode bridge, choke, SCR (with heatsink!), SCR PWM controller, AC power distribution block, and fans. The two upper side panels are on hinges for easy access. The other side innards can be found in an earlier post with the shunt and welding cable polarity selection - it is failry empty now but will later contain the wire spool and wire feed assembly/motor.

Butt-shot with the input for 220V @ 50amp, and fans. Fan guards keep blades protected on rear side of fans.

I've decided to call the arc welder portion complete for now - at some point I will make the cutouts for the volt/ammeters but they aren't essential for operation. Notice there is plenty of room left on the front panel for those and additional indicators and switches, etc when I add the MIG section.

These welding cables are really overkill for this application - these are 0 gauge! But they aren't dropping much voltage, that is for sure :)

Lower panels are held on with bolts and wingnuts. The MOV transformers occupy the lower section - 3 on each side for a total of six. Forced air cooling by fans pulls cool air from front of welder, over transformers, and out through the back fanset. Air cooling from upper section is drawn in through rear and mixes with lower section at the front. The combination increases overall air velocity.


marco julio said...

y el diagrama esquematico?? o una lista de componentes?... o esta pagina es solo para presumir.....

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