Sunday, May 27, 2007

DIY Heat Treat Oven

I've started work on a Heat Treat oven for heat treating metal parts.

It will be run from 240 AC and features two kanthal heating elements, a PID temperature controller, and the refractory will be firebrick. Max temperature: 2,300 Degrees F.

I also aquired a Microwave/Conventional Oven wall mount combo off of craigslist for free, and I stripped off the microwave part. Luckily there was not much integration between the two, just a relay to faciliate timed bake, which I bypassed. I wired a 240 plug to the unit, and it runs fine, just need to make an enclosure for the controller.

I already made a dolly for it. I think I will build the HT furnace and mount it on top of the conventional oven. This way I can temper parts right after quenching them. I can also use the conventional oven as a powder coat oven, and for bake-on paint finishes.

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