Sunday, May 27, 2007

Project plans

I have a few projects in the queue, and am waiting on parts for now.

The first is an arc welder. I've also made this most progress on this so far. An arc welder is in essence a low voltage, high current power supply. I've seen arc welders that are just banks of car batteries (hey it works!). I am using MOT (Microwave oven transformers) to meet this requirement. MOTs are high voltage transformers, but they cores are beefy, spicy and typically rate at 1kw or more, so by cutting off the high voltage secondary I can then wind a few turns of heavy gauge wire, "transforming"(har har) them into a high current, low voltage supplies.

The first stage of this project is an arc welder. Later, I will be constructing a DC rectifier, Wire Feed system, and gas cylinder with solenoid to make a MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welder that uses this arc welder as a power supply.

Pictures and updates, soon!

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