Saturday, September 30, 2006

Quick Change Tool Post

Today's update includes the arrival of a few new tools!

1.) Quick-Change Tool Post

The QTCP was smaller than I had orginally thought, but works great! It came with 4 attachments: 2 normal tool holders, a cutoff tool-holder, and a boring bar holder. Once mounted you can switch tools in a matter of 5 seconds. Also, the tool individual tool heights can be dialed in with a nut so that no shims are required to get the tools centered on the work!

2.) Carbide boring bar set

Grinding boring bars from tool blanks takes a long time (even more so than parting tools), so I ordered one of those inexpensive boring bar sets. The feature steel shanks with carbide tips brazed on. There are multiple lengths in multiple thicknesses. This allows you to select one that is the thickest possible for a given hole to minimize tool deflection.

3.) Cutoff tool

Cutoff tools (parting tools) are also time consuming to grind because a lot of material needs to be removed to make one. So after all that effort either it breaks or its not long enough to do the job. (sounds like the voice of experience) This cutoff tool is nice becuase it can be adjusted to multiple lengths and if the tip breaks off you quickly regrind it.

4.) Center Gauge

A center gauge is required if you want to be able to grind blanks into threadcutters. You need a precise 60 degree angle, and its not easy without a reference. So you grind a little, check the tool, grind a little, and check the tool again. It's also useful for keeping the tool perfectly perpendicular to the work.

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