Monday, August 28, 2006

Longer toolpost bar and carriage lock

I added some lathe modifications this weekend. Made a longer bar for my toolpost to give more leverage, and drilled and tapped a hole on the carriage to install a copper cylinder as a carriage lock. As you can see the toolpost bar is rusting, but hey it works. When I decide to parkerize something I'll throw it in with the mix and be done with it. Until then it adds character ;). You can also see the carriage lock - its the little allen wrench below. A 60 degree turn on that locks the carriage solid for facing operations, making it much easier to get a smooth, flat finish.

While I had the carriage off I lubed and adjusted the leadscrews, one was gritty and is much smoother now. I used white lithium grease. I have a monster tube of it that should last me for a million years. I use it to lube the gear train in the headstock too, it really cuts down on the noise and wear.

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