Monday, August 21, 2006

From Mind to Machine!

First post on my own machining/welding/metalworking/electrical/electronics blog.

I recently purchased a Cummins 7x12 minilathe. I'd also like to buy a MIG welder and a milling machine to round out my tool collection, but that will have to wait - they aren't cheap. I'm planning on making improvements to the lathe as I go. This first thing I did was mount it on a peice of melanine, and then I fabricated a chuck key from bolts as the one that was supposed to come with the lathe exited via a large hole in the side of the box during shipping (I guess).

My next purchases was a 6" bench grinder, to grind lathe tools. It works well on the 5/16 tool blanks I bought. My first lathe tool was a simple turning tool. It worked, albiet badly. I'm getting better though.

I also purchased a 115-peice cobalt steel jobber drill bit set - nothing pisses me off more than a dull drill bit. These should last a long time ( a long time being longer than 5 seconds hopefully).

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